Agnes Poetry

In the mid-nineties, Agnes Poetry became a pretty common name in the electronic music scene in Utah and Idaho with the release of 3 full-length albums,2 singles and countless live shows between 1994 and 2003.

Here you can find the official Agnes Poetry archives, including photo galleries, videos, lyrics, a full discography with streamable tracks, and just about anything related to Agnes Poetry. For you Agnes Poetry fans out there, this is the place you have been looking for. Enjoy!

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Adom9 was a project by the two brothers of Agnes Poetry, Rannoch & Randon Purcell. Continuing in the electronic traditions of Agnes Poetry, Adom9 took things a step further integrating more orchestral, and classical influences into their sound.

Adom9 released a full length double-disc album titled "Deluge", which includes several 'standard' tracks as well as a 6-track requiem mass, originally composed and recorded with various styles of electronic and orchestral music.


Randon's latest solo work, while building on the many years of composition with Agnes Poetry and Adom9, takes on a very different sound. His album 'My Own Way Home' incorporates more rock and orchestral elements than either of the other past projects, making it less electronic and more rock/singer-songwriter if a genre must be selected.


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